There are a ton of different ways to cross-promote and build your brand with the help of your fellow industry members!

Interactive Trades

L4L = Like for Like

Where content creators like (heart, or thumbs up) each other’s posts. The two common ways to do it are:
– Liking all of each other’s posts. Eg. if I have 100 posts on my account and you have 50, I’d like all 50 of yours, while you’d like all 100 of mine.
– Liking a specific number of recent posts. Eg. We each agree to like the 20 most recent posts on each other’s feeds.

I personally prefer the second method, as it is both fairer, and requires less effort overall.

L4L is commonly done on sites and platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, AVN Stars, ManyVids, and PornHub.

C4C = Comment for Comment

This is the same idea as L4L, but instead of trading likes, you both leave comments on each other’s posts.

RT4RT = Retweet for Retweet (or repost for repost)

These are best done in smaller quantities, as they involve sharing other people’s content to your page. Too many RT trades can make your feed look spammy. Your feed should ultimately be about you, with only occasional RTs promoting other people. RT4RTs are best done between industry workers with a similar aesthetic style or niche. Different fan bases enjoy different types of content, so it’s best to focus on being seen by people who are more likely to be into what you offer.

Promo Trades

This is when you make a post yourself to promote another worker, and they create a post themselves to promote you. Just like RT4RTs, these are best done infrequently, and only with people who have similar styles both aesthetically or niche-wise.

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