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Below is a list of forums & resources I recommend looking through if you are an aspiring online sex worker, or an established sex worker who’s looking to up their game! Everyone is different, so some sites may suit your needs better than others. It helps to know ahead of time what you plan on offering, so you can decide from there what kind of platform you’re looking to build on. For example, individuals focusing on live streaming camshows may prefer to use different sites than those who wish to focus on subscription content.
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A public Reddit forum for members of the adult entertainment industry to share stories and seek/offer industry advice. They also have a fantastic Wiki, which has tons of info and resources (some of which I wrote back when I was a mod under the name /u/alittlekink). /r/SellerCircleStage primarily focuses on discussing the use of Reddit to advertise services.

Check Out /r/SellerCircleStage


WeCamGirls is a great networking website for industry members to rate and review cam/clip sites and payment methods, chat in the forums, read articles, and find other industry resources. Is connected with the selling site

Check out WeCamGirls


A huge industry resource, made for cam models, by cam models. Find answers to almost any camming related question at While the site is a bit dated, a lot of its advice is still applicable to the industry today.

Check out CamGirlWiki

Amberly Rothfield

This woman is a MOUNTAIN of treasure and is very on the ball, providing up-to-date news and tips that are relevant to the industry as it is today. Honestly, the resources I have gathered are PEANUTS compared to what she has to offer. I highly recommend subscribing to her AVN page for $1.99/month (after signing up to AVN Stars through my referral link), and buying her books. I am not affiliated with her, I just love her work.

Check out Amberly Rothfield