Adult Industry Site Recommendations

Below is a list of adult sites I recommend looking through if you are thinking of signing up anywhere to sell and/or self-promote on. Everyone is different, so some sites may suit you better than others! It helps to know ahead of time what you plan on offering, so you can decide from there what kind of platform you’re looking to build on. For example, individuals focusing on live streaming camshows may prefer to use different sites than those who wish to focus on subscription content.
Full disclosure:
– This page uses affiliate links when applicable.
– These links do not cost you anything to use, ever.
Any rewards I receive for referring you come from the sites’ profits, not yours.
– These rewards do not in any way, shape or form influence my recommendations

Loyal Fans

Loyal Fans is an adult social media site that allows you to share both free + subscriber-only content in the same feed (with sub-only content being blurred out for non-subscribers). They also have a clip store, live streaming, and other useful social media features. Loyal Fans may be new to the game, but they’re gaining traction fast and offer a competitive model cut while also providing internal promotion. This means you have the ability to gain new clients simply by using the site features, and not just by promoting your page off-site.

Your cut: 80% for everything
Referral program: Earn 5% on all sales and tributes brought in by referred models.
Earn 5% on all purchases/tributes spent on other models by referred buyers.

Check out Loyal Fans


SextPanther is a texting site that allows you to chat with clients directly through your phone messaging, while keeping your contact info private. It operates on a pay-per-text model, where you can also set separate prices to send/receive photos and videos. Mass messaging and pay-per-minute phone chat are also available. SextPanther includes a social media style feed (currently waiting on the ability to schedule posts in advance) where you can post both free and pay-to-view content as well. SextPanther is a newer site, and they did have some issues at the beginning, but they have continuously proven a willingness to grow and do right by their models.

Your cut: 80% for tips, 60% for messages, pictures, and videos, and 75% for phone calls and feed posts.
Referral program: Earn a $100 bonus after each person you refer earns their first $100.

Check out SextPanther


Offer camshows (via Skype, Discord, etc.), phone chat, and custom + premade videos, all in one place. Customer service is pretty good, and profiles are customizable with HTML! NiteFlirt has been in the game for a long time, and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.

Your cut: 70% of everything.
Referral program: Get a $50 bonus for every new referral you bring in who spends $50 or more within their first 3 months, excluding chats.
Note: NiteFlirt referrals only apply to people who join through your referral LINK. If a first-time caller registers over the phone, they don’t count as a referred buyer. I recommend buying a domain name that you can redirect to your NF referral link so it looks nicer when you post it on your socials, and is easier for fans to remember. Learn more about that on my Other Recommendations page.

Check Out NiteFlirt


Sheer is fairly new to the scene, so I can’t comment too much on them. Run by the owners of XVideos, Sheer is a subscription site that, like LoyalFans, includes its own clip store. Free content is also automatically shared to XVideos, where you can earn ad revenue while directing XVideos fans to your paid content and subscription on Sheer.

Your cut: Payout percentages range from 40-95%, varying based on what the service is (eg. live stream revenue vs clip sale revenue) and whether the buyer is buying through Sheer directly, or through one of their partner sites. You can read more on their ToS.
Referral program: Earn 1-4% on all sales and ad revenue brought in by referred models for their first 4 years.
Earn 5% on all purchases/tributes spent on other models by referred buyers.

Check out Loyal Fans


iWC is a great site for people who specialize in femdom content. While vanilla content and other fetishes can do well there too, iWC has become a staple femdom site. They are primarily a clip site, though they also have options for custom videos, phone chat, and subscriptions.

Your cut: 60% on clip sales, 70% on phone calls & PTV messages, 80% on tributes, and “100% on custom clips”.
Note: you get 100% of the price you list in custom clips, but not 100% of what iWC charges, as they add their own fees on top. You will need to lower your custom clip rate if you want the final buyer price to match up with what you charge on other sites. Yes, I think it’s stupid.
Referral program: For every Artist you refer to IWC who signs up and earns $200 in the first six months, IWC will pay you $30.

Check Out iWantClips


ManyVids is primarily a clip site, but can also be used to offer a wide range of other goods and services, from mailable goods to subscription content, customs & live virtual sessions, etc. They also have an an awards program to reward their top monthly earners, and they run competitions with cash prizes on a regular basis.

Your Cut: 60% on clip sales, 80% on tributes.
Referral program: Earn 5% on referral content sales. Some restrictions apply.

Check Out Manyvids


I know, you were probably wondering when I’d get to OF. They have really jumped out in the past few years as a mainstream porn staple, with similar notoriety to PornHub. Allowing models to offer subscription and PTV content, OnlyFans has become a very common place for new models to start. I don’t personally use OF for a few reasons, which I’ll be outlining in my upcoming AVN Stars vs. OnlyFans blog, but I won’t advise against using them, either. They are definitely a popular pick these days, which means they are both heavily saturated with content creators, and have a large client base.

Your Cut: 80% on everything.
Referral Program: Get 5% of the Referred Creator’s earnings for the first 12 Months of their Account. Some conditions apply.

Check Out OnlyFans

PornHub, ModelHub

PornHub is a popular free porn site that allows you to earn ad revenue on all free videos you post. You can also charge a fee for people to download your free content. PornHub also has a fan club (subscription) feature, as well as a custom clip ordering feature. ModelHub is PornHub’s clip site, where you can sell your premade content. While the ModelHub/paid downloads on PH are currently on hold over the MasterCard/Visa situation, PornHub can still be a great source of self-promotion. Most my big spending, long-term clients found me through PornHub, actually, and have followed me to my chosen sites from there. Hopefully, PH/MH will sort their payment processor situation soon so models can go back to selling content and fan club memberships, too.

Your Cut: Ad revenue – Not clear. 65% on premade & custom clips, 80% on tips & fanclub memberships.
Referral Program: Earn a $50 bonus for every referred member who becomes a verified model and uploads at least 2 videos.

Check Out PornHub/ModelHub


CamModelDirectory is a payment processing site for adult industry members that also promotes you on their site. You can use CMD to accept payments for any online goods/services you offer, and they allow you to include links to your personal website, social media and wishlists.

Your Cut: 75% on the first $500 of earnings during the month, and 80% commission on all earnings over $500 during the month. The commission rate resets at the beginning of each month to 75%.
Referral program: None.

check out CamModelDirectory


Streamate is one of the largest live streaming camsites out there. Shows are streamed directly through the site. Members can tip you in free chat, join you in premium chat (where multiple people can watch your show at once) or exclusive chat (one-on-one). A great first site for beginners. They have recently added a subscription feature, too.

Your Cut: 35%
Referral program: Earn an extra 40% of what referrals spend on you, and an extra 20% of what they spend on other models for one year when they join through Streamate’s sister site,

Check Out Streamate


Disclaimer: I have not personally used Chaturbate. However, I do run a studio under which some of my submissives perform.
Chaturbate, along with sites like Streamate and MyFreeCams, is a popular big box camsite for live streaming that also allows users to sell photos and videos. While the % you earn can vary based on how much buyers spend per token (the more tokens they buy, the better the deal), the USD value per token remains the same for you. For example, if someone buys 100 tokens for $11, they’re paying $0.11 per token. If they buy 1,000 tokens for $80, they’re paying $0.08/token. Regardless of which bundle they purchase, you will still receive $0.05 per token.

Your Cut: 45-55%
Referral program: 20% of Money Spent (OR $1 per new member, including non-spending) + $50 per broadcaster + 5% Referred Affiliate Income

Check Out Chaturbate


Disclaimer: I have not used MFC. I have included it in the list because I know it is a highly recommended site amongst my peers. MyFreeCams is more focused on public shows in which the models get tipped by viewers, although private shows are still an option as well. The way MFC runs compared to Streamate is a great example of just how much camsites can differ, and why it’s important to figure out what cam style you want to have before getting started. MFC also has the option to sell clips/content through their site.

Your Cut: 60% minimum
Affiliate program: None.

Check out MyFreeCams


Probably the biggest (and oldest) clip site out there. You can customize the appearance of your clip store, which is great for making yourself stand out against other stores. International sellers receive payments by snail mail, or via wire for a $45 fee. You can try earning some extra cash by entering in their holiday competitions, too.

Your Cut: 60% on clip sales, 80% on tributes
Referral Program: None.

Check out Clips4Sale


The first site I ever joined that wasn’t strictly for in-site camming. They offer the ability to provide a large number of goods and services, including the usual custom content, worn items, premade clips, photo sets, and live virtual sessions. ELM’s most useful feature, in my opinion, is the client request section, where they can post what they’re seeking along with their budget, and models can select which requests they’re open to doing.

Your Cut: 60%
Referral Program:
1. Receive 10 credits when someone becomes a verified seller and posts an approved job. The maximum you can earn is 50 credits (up to 5 sellers).
2. Receive 20% of the sale amount for the 1st job (Instant Downloads Only) each seller you referred sells.
3. Receive 20% of the amount of credits each referral purchases for the first time.

Check Out ExtraLunchMoney


Write blog posts telling members about what deals you’re offering, or how your day is going! Members pay per message when chatting with you via PM, but can also talk to you for free via the live chat feature when you accept their chat request.
Your Cut: Starting at 65%
Referral Program: None. However, for every $5,000 you make (before the site takes their cut), your % goes up an extra 2.5%.

Check out MyGirlFund


Clients can add you to Skype after viewing your SkyPrivate profile, and a a plug-in bills their video calls with you by the minute, as if you were streaming right through the site. Not compatible with Yahoo Messenger.

Your Cut: 75% to start, up to 80%.
Referral Program: Your cut on your own sessions goes up by 0.05% for every client referral who adds credit to their account, AND for every model referral who makes a withdrawal.

Check out SkyPrivate
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