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If you’re looking to create your own website, Dreamhost is the way yo go! They been nothing but awesome since I started hosting my website with them. Dreamhost has impeccable customer service, are adult industry friendly, and offers handy installs such as WordPress software, which makes designing and maintaining your website a breeze (unless you’re like me and go a little overboard with customizations).

Referral Program: Starting at $15/month or $50/year for referral, depending on the plan they purchase.


Beyond the usual Instagram (not SW friendly), Twitter, SnapChat, TikTok, etc. – Getting your name out there is an important part of branding and client building!


Substack is a blogspace, newsletter, and more, all in one! Monetize your writing and get a 90% cut on all profits, or use Substack to drive traffic to your favourite paid sites. I’m just learning my way through Substack now, so I’ll update this with more info shortly!

Referral program: They do have one, but I haven’t found the numbers on it yet.

Later.com – Social Media Scheduler

A great program for scheduling social media posts across multiple platforms at once. Later.com offers strictly scheduled posts, including the ability to add text variations based on social media platform. For example, if I share the same post to both Twitter and Instagram, I won’t use hashtags in the Twitter post, and I won’t use direct links in the Instagram post.

Referral Program: For each new friend that signs up and posts to Instagram using Later you and your friend get 10 more posts per month free. (Earn up to 150 posts every month)

RecurPost – Social Media Scheduler

Organize social media posts by category, drop multiple posts at once into each folder, set the days you want them to go out, and let RecurPost choose the best time on those days to publish your posts! This is great for “general promo” posts that don’t need to go out on a specific day.

Referral Program: Earn just under 20% of any recurring revenue on referrals who sign up for a paid plan within 6 months of joining through your link.

Because Later.com and RecurPost have different scheduling structures, I tend to use a combination of both.


While most FetLifers are looking for free, real life arrangements, it’s good to have a profile there just in case! Worried about the site requiring you to share your location? Simply put “Antarctica” to avoid receiving requests from people who live nearby/want to meet up.


SO much can be said about Reddit, but I’m going to keep it short here. Reddit has a huge learning curve, but can yield amazing results when used properly. You can use it both for general promo and active selling. Check out [this Youtube video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmxIb2GnXhI) for more info!

Later for Reddit

Later for Reddit is an excellent tool for scheduling Reddit posts in advance. Ask them about their referral plan if you want access to unlimited scheduled posts for $20/month. Unfortunately there’s no referral bonus for telling you that, though.


If you also enjoy vlogging, Youtube can be a great SFW tool to expand your audience! Talk about your experiences in the industry, or let people know what’s going on in your life outside of adult work. Unfortunately, Youtube does not allow for the monetization of any sex work related videos anymore. However, they’re still a great platform for exposure, and you can monetize those same videos by posting them to sites like PornHub while still gaining an audience on YT.