Becoming an Adult Services Seller on Reddit

Looking into selling Skype shows, panties, videos, Kik sessions and more on Reddit? I recently made a video to help get you started! If you’re more of a reader than a watcher, you can also find all the info you need under the video in this blog post.

First: What is Reddit?

Reddit is a giant forum website, self-titled “The front page of the internet”. It consists of what we call subreddits (or subs for short), which are individual forums that each have their own theme or purpose. For example, /r/cats is about cats. There, you can talk about and post pictures of, well, cats. If you go to /r/WTF, you will be able to view and submit things that make people go, “What the fuck?!”

Each sub has their own team of moderators (mods) dedicated to keeping things running smoothly. Lucky for us, there are also subreddits made for adult industry buyers and sellers to seek and offer anything from videos to Skype shows to Kik sessions to dirty socks. More on that later, though!

When working towards becoming a seller/performer on Reddit, there are two things you need to be mindful of: It takes time, and it takes effort.

I cannot stress these things enough. I’ve seen a lot of people shoot themselves in the foot trying to rush into selling without taking the time to learn anything about it. Don’t do that! Selling on Reddit is actually relatively easy – you just need to do the ground work. With that in mind, here are some basic first steps you can take on your way to becoming a seller on Reddit!


Make an account with the username you wish to use as a seller, and use it. Then, learn how Reddit works. Seriously.

Follow subreddits for things that interest you outside of selling. There’s a subreddit for everything, from makeup to rock climbing to cooking to your favorite TV shows. You’re bound to find at least a few that you like! You can even browse the default subreddits that Reddit automatically subscribes you to when you join.

The point here is for you to get familiar with the website as a whole. Not only does it make you look better if you know how to properly navigate the site, but it makes the lives of the selling subreddit moderators and buyers much easier when you start dealing with them.

As you start browsing, commenting and posting on Reddit, please be mindful of what kind of information you share. If you don’t want people to know where you live, I recommend not subscribing to or posting in location-specific subreddits (eg. a sub for your city). Your post history is publicly visible (private messages are not), so don’t post anything you’re not comfortable with potential buyers seeing.

Learning how to use Reddit also means learning how to use Imgur, since it’s one of the main methods people use to post pictures to Reddit. Reddit has also introduced their own image hosting system, though I’m not sure if it’s available to everyone yet. If you want to make and host gifs (animated images), check out Gfycat.


A couple great subreddits for you to check out are /r/SellerCircleStage, which is public, and /r/SellerCircle, a private sub you can request access to once you become a seller.

/r/SellerCircleStage includes a fantastic Wiki, written completely by sellers. It is a VERY useful resource that I highly encourage you to take advantage of. Seasoned sellers dedicate a lot of time and energy to filling the subs’ wiki pages with relevant information, and we’re also very diligent in answering valid questions posted to our subreddits.

With that in mind, If you can’t find the answer to your question in our wiki, please use the Reddit search function to see if your question has been asked/answered before. If by chance you absolutely cannot find the answer to your question in both the Wiki and the subs’ post history, you’re welcome to make a post asking fellow sellers for help.


This step can be done at any time once you’ve familiarized yourself with Reddit, really. Some people start doing this before they become verified sellers. Some people don’t do this at all. It’s more of an optional thing, though many of us find it provides a great boost in business.

The way to get your name out there is by posting teasers in non-selling adult subs. For example, if you have a fantastic ass, you may consider posting in the allaboutbutts subreddit. If you are a girl who wears glasses, perhaps you’d consider posting in girlswithglasses. There are a ton of adult subreddits out there catering to tons of body types, kinks and niches.

The trick here is that you are not posting in these subs to sell – So don’t bother listing prices or even mentioning that you are or plan to be a seller. They are meant to promote your work, though, and can still bring you business:

Say someone sees your picture in one of these non-selling subs and PMs you to say, “Oh my god, you’re so beautiful! Can we chat?”
THAT’S when you say, “Well, hey, I’d be happy to! Why don’t we set up a Skype/Kik session?”

Of course, not everyone who messages you will be looking to spend money. That’s the nature of the beast, though. If they say no thanks to a paid session, just say no problem and wish them well.


Now that you’re familiar with Reddit, have built up your post history and done some preliminary research, it’s time to verify yourself on some selling subreddits. This means you need to prove to the subreddit moderators that you are who you claim to be. We do this to minimize the risk of letting in fakes who are just out to take people’s money and run.

Each subreddit has their own verification requirements, many of which involve your account being of a certain age. Remember when I said this takes time? No sense trying to rush. Luckily, the time you’ve spent following steps one, two and three should be more than enough to keep you occupied until you’re ready to verify.

Before you verify, read the subreddits’ rules. So many people get turned away during the verification process simply because they didn’t bother finding out what the sub’s requirements were for verifying. Some new sellers and performers later get kicked out of subreddits that they have been verified in for making posts that do not adhere to sub posting rules.


Mistakes happen sometimes, sure. Maybe you accidentally forgot a required piece of information in your post. Maybe you got your subreddits mixed up and accidentally advertised Skype Shows in the sexting subreddit. I don’t know of any subreddit that will automatically ban a seller for a small, one time mistake – But if you get banned, that means you were repeatedly breaking rules and repeatedly being given warnings that you chose to do nothing about. I have no sympathy for people like that.


This is another optional step which can be done at any time once you meet Reddit’s minimum requirements. Your own subreddit is a great place to share your free content, keep fans and clients in the know about your schedule, provide information on all of your services in one place, etc. If you want an example, my subreddit is www/ Feel free to check it out!

I hope you find this info useful! Go to my Camspace page for more info and resources on working in the online adult entertainment industry!