Buyer Guide: How to Send Giftcards If You’re Not Canadian

This is a PSA/guide for anyone who wishes to send an Amazon giftcard to someone in a different country. As long as you have an account with your own country’s Amazon site, you can send giftcards through any Amazon site.

1. Go to

2. Login using the same email address and password you use for

3. Go to the “Gift Cards” section (there’s a link under the Amazon search bar) and then click on eGift, or access it directly through this link.

4. If you are sending tribute, select the amount you wish to send, and send it to the email address with the message left blank. If you are sending a payment, I will confirm the amount you need to send in CAD based on the current exchange rate.

That’s it! If you have an account, you can send GCs via This goes for all of the Amazon sites. If you have an account, an account, or any other Amazon account, you can still send payments through other countries’ Amazon sites.